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What’s in a name? Everything. The right name is an anchor for your brand in people’s minds. A name can simply be the last name of the founder, such as Dell. It can tell you what the product is about, such as Microsoft. And sometimes it can surprise you, like Apple. We help businesses find the best available name for their brand including checking for availability online and in trademark databases.


Setting the tone for a brand sets an audience in motion. The right brand tone and focus draws your core audience towards your message. We provide top-shelf brand stewardship and guidance to ensure your audience connects with your brand. A thorough approach to brand development includes audience research based on the latest reliable demographics. We deliver brand names, logos and content, you get a coherent brand voice that consistently connects with your clients.


Content drives decisions and shapes opinions. Writing for your business is a serious endeavor. But don’t worry, we can tell a good joke. We write content that is light and crisp with a momentum that keeps your audience engaged. We take a rigorous approach to writing that includes researching the topic, audience and style. We thoroughly proofread all written material and meet deadlines in a timely fashion.


A website is the primary piece of digital real estate for a brand. It forms the hub of your digital marketing strategy and it’s where people find you online. We build bespoke websites on the latest platforms to delight, impress, and engage your clients. Whether it’s a laptop, desktop, tablet or the latest phone, we make sure the look, feel, and functionality of your site are retained across devices and screen sizes. We can also help you update, migrate and integrate your website with marketing platforms to improve your efficiency.


When form and function unite, beauty is achieved. We design for all media, and have the experience to understand the mindset and tangible qualities of each. We create a uniform presence that can be easily felt across products, print, and screen. Through a studied, process-driven approach, we listen to make sure we deliver on your vision and craft compelling compositions that connect with your clients.


A second set of eyes and open ears. By giving you a fresh look at a new business or existing venture, you can find areas of improvement that are right within your reach. From business planning to strategic growth, we can take your business to the next level with a wide range of services.

Over 15 years of experience

For more than 15 years, our team has helped clients big and small with branding, marketing and business consulting.

The Latest Best Practices

We continually research best practices in branding and marketing, including internal projects that explore new technology on the horizon.

Attention to Detail

Our work is guided by a patient, careful approach combined with proven processes for project management to ensure successful outcomes.

Our work speaks for itself.

From health and wellness to cargo security, we’ve worked with clients across a wide range of industries and geographies.

Voltask - Branding - Logo

Industry: Power Tools

Services Provided: Brand Naming, Brand Development, Messaging, Copywriting, Audience Research, Market Research

Handexer Branding and Logo

Industry: Consumer Electronics / Health and Wellness

Services Provided: Brand Identity: Naming, Trademark, Logo, Typography; Colors; Design; Brand Messaging and Copywriting; Website Design; Website Development; Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan

Torzal - Branding and Research

Industry: Musical Instruments

Services Provided: Brand Identity: Logo, Typography, Colors, Design; Audience Research; Market Research; Brand Messaging; Copywriting; Website Design; Website Development

Industry: Health and Wellness

Services Provided: Brand Development, Messaging, Copywriting, Website Development, Video Editing

Industry: Organic Goods

Services Provided: Branding, Messaging, Copywriting, Design

Industry: Digital Marketing

Services Provided: Copywriting, Editing, eBook

Industry: Health and Wellness

Services Provided: Brand Messaging, Copywriting, Editing

Industry: Sustainable Skin Care and Cosmetics

Services Provided: Naming, Branding, Logo Design

Industry: Direct Sales Marketing

Services Provided: Branding, Messaging

What our happy clients say.

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“Seth is one of the greatest writers I have ever seen. He delivered high quality articles in a timely manner and he has great communication skills. I would definitely like to hire him again in future.”
Larry Li

Founder, Interesting Facts

“A visionary, Seth helped guide us to our brand presence. His input was well-constructed, helpful, and informative. Seth’s work is agency-grade and we look forward to working with him again.”
Garry Egan

Founder, iDirectSales